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Normand Burnett
The oomph factor is the sound you make when you pick up an audio or video component that is heavy enough to cause you make this sound. Mine usually makes me go 0OOOOOMPH!
Why is the oomph factor important?
When buying audio and video gear it’s important to understand that if you don’t go oomph
when you pick up an audio or video component, it’s probably only average or below average
(in most but not all cases). You may ask, why would I base the value or quality of what I am purchasing for my home theater or audio system by its weight?

Receivers , Pre-amps, Amplifier’s, Blue ray and CD Players
The component in a Pre-amp, receiver, amplifier, Blue ray or CD player that adds weight and gives it the oomph factor
is the power transformer, and this is usually the most expensive part. It’s what drives your speakers and causes that kick drum to kick! The better transformers are called toroidal transformer’s, they are circular in shape and made with a magnetic core and copper winding’s which is what gives them weight! These make up a huge part of the weight.
Toroidal transformers are known for their superior electrical performance, low electromagnetic interference and are used in only the better quality receivers and amplifiers. Most other manufacturers use a combination of cheaper transformers which weigh less and capacitors to try and make due, but they don’t perform the same or sound nearly as good.
Next time you’re in an audio store, pick up a receiver see how much it weighs. No oomph?
Leave it right there!

Speakers and Sub-woofer’s
When it comes to speakers and sub-woofer’s the oomph factor still applies! What should concern you most with speakers is the weight of the drivers themselves, why? Because the driver’s materials are what is really important. Good drivers have a heavier, stiffer basket to prevent unwanted vibration usually made of cast metal or solid steel vs thin stamped metal or plastic baskets, a larger copper voice coil to allow for more current (power), a larger, stronger magnet to pull that driver’s cone back into position as quick as possible. All these better materials weigh more and cost more. Also the physical size of the drivers themselves should be larger for mid to low frequencies, as well a larger surface area pushes more air than smaller ones.
Big speakers equal big sound, little speakers’ equal little sound.
All the same above applies to sub-woofer’s, and also consider the sub’s amplifier parts and power.
The speaker and sub-woofer boxes should also be considered when all is assessed.

Projectors With better quality projectors the heavy projectors will almost certainly have better power supplies, all glass lenses which cost more and a larger iris (to let more light through)
v/s a plastic lens. Heavier projectors also often have powered lenses, vertical and horizontal lens shift, better quality fans, a larger power supply and a better more rugged chassis. In fact, all the parts are usually built to higher quality standards and usually the performance follows.

Pick it up, check it out, compare the specifications, and listen to it after that.

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